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We could be on the brink of a major turnaround in our living standards. Inflation is cooling. The Federal Labor government’s tax changes mean more money in the pockets of UWU members. 

The missing piece is wages. That’s why UWU will fight like hell to raise award rates when the Fair Work Commission begins its annual review of award wages in March (they will announce their decision in June). 

If the Commission decides that award wages should be increased, close to three million workers will see our wages go up. Countless other workers also stand to gain because better minimum rates help everyone go higher.  

But just as we try to pick ourselves up, big business is already trying to kick us back down.  

Bosses are demanding CUTS to any award wage increase. They say the tax changes and a proper wage increase will just fuel inflation. But respected economists have rubbished this claim. It’s a shameless attempt to dock our pay.  

UWU members must stand up to this nonsense. We need to raise our voices and make sure the Fair Work Commission hears loud and clear that we are hurting; we’ve waited too long for wages to move forward.  

Over the coming months UWU members need to be bigger and louder than ever before. We can’t afford to waste this opportunity. Too much is depending on it.   

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