PETITION: To Fair Work Commissioners

FIGHT FOR $50: We demand a 5% wage rise for ALL award workers.

A five percent wage increase will mean award workers gain about $50 extra per week in our pockets or $2600 per year.

Last year, amid skyrocketing inflation, our members on the award minimum won a 5.75 per cent wage increase – the largest increase since 1983.

Inflation has eased a little since then, but UWU members are still under enormous financial pressure. Workers are skipping meals, taking second jobs and too afraid to heat their homes through winter.

As part of our claim for a five per cent pay rise, we’ve shared our stories and lodged them with the Fair Work Commission.

Now, we need everyone to sign our petition to show the Fair Work Commissioners just how important this is.

Jane says: “Utilities up, petrol up, insurance up, rents up – my child can’t swim, can’t join his mates in sports, doesn’t have the things he needs for school. It’s impossible to keep up. I get treated like I’m a no-good parent. I work hard mentally and physically in early childhood education.”

Labor’s revised Stage 3 tax cuts will put more money in the pockets of ordinary workers, but a proper wage increase is vital to help us get ahead of constantly rising food and rent, mortgages and utility bills.

It’s time to fight for a 5% wage rise for ALL workers on award wages. This works out to be an extra $50 per week, or $2600 more per year.  We also know that when we raise wages at the bottom, everyone wins because it means union members everywhere can push for more. 

When UWU members stand together and don’t back down, we can win real wage rises against the pushback from big business.

What we want

  • Declare your support for our union pay claim of five per cent by signing our petition to the Fair Work Commission.
  • We want the Fair Work Commission to apply this increase for ALL three million workers on award wages.
  • These last few years have been incredibly tough and we cannot afford to go backwards any further. It’s time for workers to move forward with a real increase to our wages.

SIGN THE PETITION: Stand with Australia’s three million workers on award wages and support a real wage rise for ALL.