PM Albo, stand with us.

Back a real wage rise for ALL Award workers.

Last year, Australians elected Anthony Albanese’s Labor government on a promise to “get wages moving”.

But real wages in Australia continue to fall as basic household costs spiral further out of control.   

In human terms, that means kids go to school hungry. And people lose their homes. Meanwhile, business profits are booming and that’s pushing up the price of everything even further.   

We are calling for a seven percent wage rise for ALL workers on Award wages – to ensure that every worker can stay in front of rising prices.

What we want

We call on Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to declare your support for our union pay claim of seven percent. We ask you to support this increase for ALL three million workers on Award wages, not just those who rely on the minimum wage. None of us can afford a wage cut. This is about survival.

In May 2022, you declared that “workers can’t afford to go backwards”. That was right then, and it still is now.

The Fair Work Commission has just begun its annual review of wage rates for millions of Award workers. When the Federal Government speaks, they listen.

We are asking you to stand with Australia’s three million workers on Award wages and support a real wage rise for ALL of these workers, and for a common start date of 1 July this year for every group of workers.