April 4, 2023

Margit, a Part-time worker from SA says:

I have been cleaning or coming up to 15 years now, working for this long is a real struggle for me. Every pay each fortnight I have to stretch the money to make sure I have paid everything, such as phone bills, medication, water, electricity, council rates, my mortgage, my shopping. I am part time worker on 20 hours per week which is low income. I also look after my elderly mother in the day time before going to work for 3.30pm start. Cost of living, inflation is a killer. Everything is doubled in price so I am spending more money on things and getting less for it! I have quite often had to miss out on things such as grocery items I used to buy due to price increase. When you have to live off what little money you have I appreciate any help and a pay increase to keep up with inflation to help make ends meet will make life less stressful