March 21, 2023

Julie, a Part-time worker from QLD says:

I’m 29 without children but use to own a house but have lost due to covid amoung other things due to no fault of my own. When i first started this job it was great till i found out that my cost of living was far more than what wage it offered, but worried i wont be able to get another job, i live rural not too many option within distance. I love my job but i just feel a little like im just keeping afloat. .. I ask my parents from time to time.. still… with the rising cost of living, like fuel food and electricity not many have this option… it’s been overwhelming at times to say the least. The job school cleaners do across the board is not for the faint hearted and I believe every cleaner(person) who feels secure in the job/financial situation is a recipe a healthy happy and reliable worker.