March 17, 2023

Inareskai, a Casual worker from NSW says:

The impact is horrible.
My roommate recently had to leave an incessantly toxic and stressful job. It was taking such a severe toll on her, she was losing hair, greying, and getting severe chest pains. She is currently twenty.
As she needs extensive time to recover, physically and emotionally, from such a horrifically demanding workplace, I am paying for rent, food, and bills. Which I am okay with, emotionally. I am happy to support her.
But I’m a casual bartender. If I’m lucky, I get 17 hours per week.
I average around $500/w. Rent is $400/w. We have two cats. I am supporting two people and two cats (with special dietary requirements) on a budget of $100 a week. No amount of “careful spending” changes the simple fact that that amount isn’t anywhere near enough.
I relied and continue to rely on the occasional online donation to get by.
She’s applying for new jobs and so am I, but I’m scared. We are both so scared.