March 17, 2023

Hakan, a Full-time worker from VIC says:

Low wages and the loss of workers’ rights have not just affected the family life but the economy as a hole. Who in the right mind thought that this system of putting profits over people’s humility, and their basic needs was a good idea? Why? to show the financial system that the rich is getting richer, which must mean the economy is doing well. How stupid to starve the population then try to control their spending to even the books. News flash the worker doesn’t have money, at best all we have is debt, so putting pressure on us is only going to put pressure on not just on families and our children but it’s going to affect the banks which means the whole system is about to collapse. How greedy do you have to be to hoard the worlds wealth, suck everything to the top and still expect us to give you the little dignity we have left to the system. When are we going to say enough is enough. When are the politicians going to put an end to this evil? I thought politicians were for the people not the corporations. We have nothing left. Have a look at France, England, America. First world countries are becoming like 3 world countries because of greed. Kids in our country are going to bed with an empty stomach. How did we come to this? and who let this happen?