March 18, 2024

Beatrice, a part-time worker from TAS says:

I am employed with a part time contract, but we are understaffed and currently work 100 -120 hours per fortnight. That basically means not having a life anymore: getting up to go to work, getting home, having dinner and going to bed. I work on a nearly 24 hrs roster, 7 on 7 days, including public holidays of all sorts. The overtime is taxed so much, with my wage I cover all basic needs and there’s nothing left. My husband works full time as well, and in Tasmania we have the lowest wages in Australia, despite rent being no cheaper than anywhere else, and fuel and groceries being more expensive due to the extra transportation costs. If we have to pay for dentist, car repairs and similar, this puts a real strain on our finances, as one appointment with the dentist or one service usually equals a whole week pay. This proves how wages are very far from keeping up with cost of living.