March 18, 2024

Amy, a part-time worker from VIC says:

I’m 30 years old, and despite working in Early Childhood Education and Care I don’t have any children of my own because I just can’t afford it. I desperately want to be a parent but I know my wages cannot cover the expense of raising a child. It’s so depressing that it’s taking a mental and emotional toll on my health. I spend my time educating other people’s children but I can’t have my own.

I’m lucky because I can afford to save a little money each week, but with rent going up faster than wages it’s never enough to save for a house deposit.

An extra $50 doesn’t sound like a lot, but $2600 a year means keeping up with inflation instead of falling further and further behind every year. I’m always one major expense away from having to borrow money from predatory lenders – this would give me breathing room.