March 15, 2024

Alana, a part-time worker from QLD says:

I’m a single parent, I’m struggling financially to make ends meet and living pay check to pay check weekly. I have no savings for a rainy day and have no extra money to even begin to save for that. I’ve had to cut out food budget right down to 150 a week and that barely covers the essentials at times, we have had to cut back on meat intake and dairy just to ensure we can eat 3 main meals still plus the school snacks which we have to make at home as too expensive to buy. The prices of everything has gone up so much that even fuel, I only fill to 1/4 of a tank, to half if im lucky on a good week. There really isn’t any spare money for weekend fun with my child, let alone trying to afford to buy basic necessities such as new school shoes, clothing etc. Things have been so tough financially and I’m even considering trying to get a 2nd job that I can do from home as I have to work within school care and school hours but we desperately need to increase our funds to survive. Never have I ever felt so stressed about what bill to pay or how to put food on the table.